Pardon My French!

One of the things most expats learning French are afraid of is… to speak French! Do you fear to be ridiculed or misunderstood when you try to speak la langue de Molière? (For those who wouldn’t know, he was the French Shakespeare!) That is absolutely normal and part of the challenge of learning a new language. Good news: there … More Pardon My French!

Parlez-vous français? Non merci!

Have you ever said something in French which provoked the opposite reaction of what you were expecting? You most probably committed a slight faux pas, which literally means ”wrong step” in French! We discussed that embarrassing/hilarious topic at our last French Friday, Le printemps à Genève. The lovely participants and I realised that it is perfectly … More Parlez-vous français? Non merci!

Don’t Give Up!

January 2017: I am soooo going to improve my French language skills this year! April 2017: Je ne parle pas français, désolé(e)! Some might feel discouraged or disempowered after a few days, weeks or months of giving French a try. That is absolutely normal! I felt just the same when I started learning English, German, and Italian. There will inevitably be moments … More Don’t Give Up!

Vive les femmes!

8 March celebrates the International Women’s Day. As for Valentine’s Day, I always wonder why we need a special day to celebrate love and women. Don’t you think they should be revered every single day? I certainly do! Throughout history, there has been innumerable women, famous or not, who, by their actions, made a huge difference … More Vive les femmes!

To Dare Is To Do

Thomas Berger said that the art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. If you already know how to introduce yourself, talk about your life in general, and answer basic questions in French, you are now ready to delve into a deeper form of knowledge: the art of asking questions. A great … More To Dare Is To Do

Le French Kiss

I have always been une grande amoureuse de la langue française. I love the music of this language, its innumerable words and expressions, the ideas which are conveyed with them, and most importantly, the powerful attraction granted to those who know how to use them well. If I had to choose the best romantic text ever … More Le French Kiss

The Art Of Networking

I recently attended a lovely networking event during which a new entrepreneur group called Genuine Women was launched. Despite its name, most of the group’s events are taking place in French and welcome both male and female entrepreneurs. They are a fascinating bunch of passionnate travailleurs indépendants! The Art of Networking is no easy feat. Over the years, … More The Art Of Networking

L’hymne à l’amour

Ah, février, mois de l’amour…! Aren’t we all happy to leave behind January’s cold weather and post-holiday fatigue to embrace February’s sun and nature’s revival? I am not a big fan of the commercial fuss surrounding la Saint-Valentin as I believe we should be celebrating love all year round, but I felt like spreading some love en … More L’hymne à l’amour